Friday, 3 February 2012

Shak attack

So today I schlepped my ass around with my creative partner (that makes me sound a lot more profesh than I actually am. Or like I have a lesbian lover... do what you will with this non-information) taking on the role of stylist's assistants (we found this super exciting although apparently getting to play and pick expensive things gets boring? Who knew..) to pick up shit for our shoot bla blergh I won't bore you with my life but it was in one studio picking up some glasses that I saw the new Shakuhachi cobalt (what a wank off name for blue) and black front zip dress. Yes, this would be the one that looks like a wet suit. A sexy wet suit. A sexy wet suit that you'd wear to a club or family christmas lunch. Do I need to justify more why I should go out and buy this dress? No. No I don't. Having looked at it online the night before seeing it fo reals was a froth worthy deal maker. The deal I designed with myself. For the benefit of myself. I'm a selfless creature.

Anyway, lurking what I could find of their new collection I've decided they might have turned a corner and actually started making something decent again. The past couple of seasons (with exceptions for maybe the tasseled numbers of S/S 2011) have been a real let down. This is coming from the poor as sin year 11 girl who used to scour ebay for Shakuhachi bargs on a weekly basis. For those who know what I'm talking about, Shakuhachi had become the Eastern Suburb's bitch. The dresses were maxi and billowy and cross spaghetti strappy or tiny and form fitting. Typical. This is not ground breaking. This is not interesting. For christ sake Shakkers you are not Sass and Bide (don't melt into that mould, you had such a good thing going..). Of course there were exceptions, If Michael Kors can make something wearable then there is a hope for the rest of us... But for the most part it was pretty crap-tastic. In my humble, but very correct opinion.

BUT! Hallelujah! They are back! I'll include some of my favs from last year because come on, I've been pretty mean, even for a cynical youth. They can do good. They do do good. There is a reason why a 17 year old me was so obsessed. I'm so excited! A/W 2012 is Shakuhachi reborn! Into an obscene mix of gingham and red and patent and pink and oh.. oh my..

S/S 11/12
There is so much fluro right in this dress. 

S/S 11/12
Tassel-tastic. But more importantly: check the 'tude on this models face. I know they're hungry but jesus, this bitch is ready to kill. You can see it in her eyes.. This is where bad assistants go to die. 

A/W 2012
This dress is perfect for me. Now, when I drag everyone from Oxford Street to Redleaf for an early morning dip I don't need to get undressed. Unless it's of the skinny kind in which case I can just look beach appropriate when the 5am joggers go past. As opposed to my usual response- a disapproving sneer and catty 'your top will never dry in that tree' comment. Well of course it won't but just humour me, ass hole. That bottle of tequila didn't drink itself tonight.

A/W 2012
It is necessary to look like a chef that specialises in fetish dinner parties, sometimes. It just is. Don't be above it. Just do it.  

" " 
(Apart from the last one) THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. SO MUCH PINK. I'm inspired to wear pink and orange together now. With some lace. And stupid sheer nude stockettes. That I'll borrow off of my great aunt. Because I don't want to be embarrassed at Meyer when I go in to buy them. Because we all know, Meyer staff are the pinnacle of class and cool. And because my great aunt really doesn't need all those sheer stockettes...

Feel the Shak.



  1. pretty excited that granny ankles are coming back in, not gonna lie. i mentioned your blog on my blog, you should visit my blog and see what i said about your blog. checkitttt xx