Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Great Scott!

This is hilarious right, get this guy. This is ridiculous even for Jeremy Scott standards. How he pulls this shit off (honestly I don't think he does but someone's buying it..) I will never know. His Fall 2012 RTW collection can only be described as the embodiment of a 90's kid at a Millenium party who listened to too much Aqua having a bad acid trip (that in itself was having a bad acid trip) and then proceeded to ride a unicorn over a rainbow and got stuck midway. Too much? Mildly exaggerated? NO DUDES there is actually a frieken unicorn in this frieken collection. Like much of what came from the nineties It hurts to look at. I don't care to know what state of mind Scott was in (or is ever in.. frieken New Yorker's.. WHY YOU SO HIP FOR). Scott created a collection that, for the most part, was trying to display some kind of contemporaneous (That was impressive wasn't it? Maybs not the correct use but don't pretend you weren't a little turned on by my using it.. just a little bit..) bullshit about the internet and emoticons (not a terrible concept but terribly executed) and modern social state of affairs. You so po mo Scotters. But what happened instead was something that looked so dated it was depressing. If you told me this was actually from the 90's by Tavi's 90's doppelganger featured in a 90's underground zine made in a 90's badly wallpapered 70's inspired den, I would believe you.

In case you hadn't realised I am not a fan of the 90's euphoria that the world seemed to be overcome by through tumblr at some point in 2010. Fucking hipsters ruin everything. But I'll let you make your own decisions. However, if you don't agree with me I would prefer it if you stopped reading my blog. I don't want your fanship, hipster scum.

I jest, please keep reading.. : | (Scott should make me into an emoticon)

Jeremy Scott Fall 2012
Let me start by saying THIS is the most understated ensemble Scott created. Very Paul Smith come Cobain groupie, Jeremy. And yes, that is a third eye on her head.

There is nothing erotic about Bart Simpson. I suppose this is why Scott made the most skin bearing but completely sex-less underwear-crop top- thigh high combo bearing Bart Simpson's face. Actually this seems to be a theme in his collection.. 

There might be a hot male model under that but we'll never know due to his heinously bejazzled face and the gross use of pop culture characters on his outfit. B1 DID NOT WANT HIS FACE SLANDERED ON YOUR HOODIES, SCOTT.

Did you love Barney and Friend's? The Muppets? Yeah well that's them skinned and made into a jacket. Your childhood is officially over. 

I TOLD YOU THERE WAS A UNICORN what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. 
And can I just bring attention to the hair. I'm not a complete advocate for coloured hair, but you know, done tastefully I ain't a hater. This, on the other hand, offends every one of my senses. I can smell the burnt, overly crimped, bad dye job through the computer.

Poor little guy. He looks so sad. Being used as sex prop by a Tank Girl impersonator in a fetish brothel is difficult at the best of times. Even more so when you're forced to listen to Gwen Stefani on repeat and you just got pulled through the folds of an over weight man dressed as a mutant kangaroo. Too much? Sorry guys, but this is real. 

Hope you're as bummed by this as I am. 

Creds: Style.com


  1. OMG.
    This is AMAZING! I can't breathe.

    Drea xo


  2. Couldn't agree with you more ! I loved reading your post, so well written =), all those things can't be really worn, come on ! I like extravagant fashion but this is not appealing to me. I like the way you blog and I am your newest follower ! Greetings from Italy

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  3. HOLY SHITTTTTT! loving that unicorn!

  4. hahahahahhahahah. i'm sorry, i loooove this. you are right as per on the description though. I JUST WANT TO WEAR A UNICORN. although it also kind of reminds me of agyness deyn and "nu rave" (ie. 2005, back when i was a fashionable age, YEAH THANKS TAVI), which makes me twitchy? so, hmmm. also anything that Gaga would possibly wear I want no part of. GLASS CASE OF EMOTION. xx