Thursday, 26 January 2012

A queen among men

So we've been together for how long now? What like, 4 days? I think it's time. I think it's time you met him. The other man.
He needs no introductions (but I'll give him one anyway). From humble beginnings (he lives in a castle) rose this fiery young man. No need for formal eduction (Whitehouse eat your heart out) his talent was blatant at a young age. Back in the dizzay he would make me listen to his new collection's runway music on shared head phones. We were 15. He also used to try and 'improve' me whenever he got his hands on a make up brush but this isn't about me... Let me welcome the handsome, the dashing, the eloquent beyond words (he calls me 'Cheese') and above all the fabulous- Mr. Phoenix Keating.

Phoenix Keating has been seen on the likes of The Little Black Book, the young and the fabulous and too many editorials to count and of course, the queen of queens: Lady GG. His creations, when grouped together, are really like a couture soiree. It's where couture goes to pick up couture and find a respectable couture husband. Let me demonstrate:

Phoenix Keating S/S 11/12 shot by Thom Kerr 

His Spring/Summer 2011/12 debuted off schedule at Sydney's 2011 Fashion Week featuring what is destined to be known as that red dress and using an array of fabrics (or should I say textiles?) including tulle, leather (for yes, leather harnesses, I-know-fucking-right), spray paint, net, and some sort of plasticated fabric that made women's breasts look like cones of doom (insert Madonna's nod of approval). 

They talk about, in this fickle fashion world, a designer's 'woman'. Keating has rebuilt his (dare I call her the 'Keating Woman') into something of a beautiful terminator. Dictionary def (everything my uni tutors told me NOT to do when writing) of terminator: 'The dividing line between the light and the dark part of a planetary body'. That's right, scrub Arnie smut from your minds (maybe not completely..).  Photographer Thom Kerr has, in the S/S 11/12 shoot, divulged to us this other worldly being- both good and evil, light and dark, a little bit lady and a little bit fetish, the ultimate woman possessing everything she needs and everything she desires. A woman so fierce and whose independence is so self satisfying that a man could never possess her. At least, that's my ultimate woman. And indeed my reading of the collection. Designing is, after all, as much an art form as any. I welcome my spin of Keating's work. With open, leather bound arms to rest upon my blood red, razor sharp bossom. Too far? Never.. I'm one of Keating's women. 

That's not me. I wish that was me. Wouldn't it be great if that was me? 

PK 2010 shot by Julie Healy

S/S 11/12 Runway

Phoenix and I in PK

Now to get a tad sentimental on yo asses: Phoe is talented. He is insanely, stupidly talented. It hurts me how much so. I like to think of myself as the photographer prodigy type, but if he put his mind to it he'd whip my ass at that too. His vision of the world, of the people around him, the way beauty just is- it's different to that of anyone else I've met (I go to an art school so this is saying something). He was always destined for greatness (Cue your vomit hitting the screen, I'm wiping it away, and I'm continuing): he's reached it and is only going further. He's the man you'll read about well after he's gone and the one you never forget meeting. Fuck that you'll claim you've met him. You'll lie to say you've met him and shared a moment 'that one time' at some bar when he poured his drink on you accidentally on purpose because you may or may not have been wearing something he didn't like. Don't look at me like that, you probably deserved it. A genius in his field, Phoenix Keating is someone you are going to be hearing about for the rest of your life.  

He's also really good looking. I've been trying to convince him that I'm the girl his loins have been craving for but no dice. I'll get him one day.. 

Stocked at:
Museum Clothing Oxford street & Bondi Beach
Estate of Mind Surry Hills
CM Store Bondi Beach

P&me at an Absolut party. I wasn't drinking beer with a straw you derguns, I'm not a complete princess. It was a bitch drink. 

This is, unbeknownst to everyone, in fact Phoenix looking humbled by my post and not him after his 2011 show. 


Credits: Phoenix Keating, Facebook, Phoenix/My instagrams phoenixkeating & lucylemasurier 


  1. This is so lovely! I love the writing also, Lucy! x

  2. Thanks bubs, don't expect much more though, feeling a little ill from so much nice.. think I brought up a little vommy there.. xx

  3. damn girl you write well! May I say, for the record (before it's too late), I knew both Lucy and Phoenix before they were famous!

    1. Philip lies, he hasn't known me for that long.

      Cheers daddio, send my love to the new school goer when the time comes!

    A BIG KISS!!!!

  5. ugh you suck. you're awful. why are we friends? you should write your next post about me. that friend who was a model and then was not a model and it was fun. Actually you can just copy and paste that since I already wrote it so eloquently for you. Smack a picture of us on there too, would ya? Thereeee's a good rang.

  6. Saw this pop up on my feed. Tried to stay away primarily because it looked a little 'too good'. You know, like a breakfast in bed, or a man that already knows he should look/dress/act like Noah from the Notebook at all times- neeedless to say it needed my undivided attention. Annnd it got it! So worth the wait, this, this is what we call 'superb' children xx

    1. I have the actual Noah from the Notebook in bed with me right now so I'll send your regards his way? Yeah? Yeah cool.

      Thank you my sweets, I do love the Phoe with all I have. And all I have is in this post. Ah sigh, to be young and in love..