Monday, 23 January 2012

Go on with your bad self!

This is a shout out. A shout out to my girl (we've never met). My girl Eleonora (she has no idea who I am). I stumbled upon this daring young thing on Mr. Newton. Allegedly she was going to have lunch blablablergh she was walking around New york without a bra on is really what I'm getting at. 

I'm not going to start a long winded tangent on my views of the female body and 'how far does feminism have to go' yadda yadda she looks smokin' and that's all that matters. I would love to be able to rock around looking like a semi wrapped christmas gift but unfortunately what I've going up top isn't good enough to be seen by the whole of Sydders. Sorry kids, you'll have to work harder than that to get past this force field. 

Anyway, kudos. I would like to see more of this shit going down in Sydney. I'm offended that I've seen so little of it in fact. I'll go as far as to say I'm offended every time I see a woman wearing a bra from here on in. Let the good times roll.. 


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  1. boobs are good, wish I could stroll round like this! Thanks for your real nice comments by the way, you're awesome and i like the way you write. you actually have things to say whereas i mumble behind the pictures which i should not do! i hope you have a wonderful day sunshine xx