Monday, 23 January 2012

To begin with..

Alright this is it. I've done it. I have a frieken blog about frieken style and frieken fashion. Let's just get one thing cleared up right here and now: I don't plan on telling you about the super fabulous life I lead as one of the young and the beautiful (even though my life is so super fabulous but to be honest it's only because I have a lot of gay friends) and I'm not here to post super hot photos of me with my legs looking extra skinny in my extra hip clothes cos you know, that's not necessarily the case. I'm here to post about how I feel, on the inside, about what's going on, on the outside. Realistically I will be posting about my life and self but in a totally real way, man. No Pho-sho (hipsters on the know know this is photo-shop) here, bud*. Instead It'll be quality reading about quality topics about quality things going on. In Sydney. Where I live. And Work. And Study. My name is Lucy Le Masurier, welcome to my blog.


*Please Note: There will most likely/definitely be photo shopping here. I'm not a complete Masochist, jesus.

As I don't have a photo of myself here is one of Lou Doillon driving like a beast fiend in the movie 'Gigola' in which she is like this boss lesbian woman of the night type character. I think everyone who knows me would agree that if I were to be played by someone in a movie it would not be her but god I wish it could be.


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    1. Cheers Sheena, keep your eyes a peeled for more Le Maz rants
      x L

  2. lovely new blog, lucy. you're a talented writer. enjoyed reading your posts, and wishing you all the best on your new fashion blog. inspired, and i am following. :) maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :) cheers!

  3. this was perfect from what I've gathered everything here seems quality so you're doing good so far :)