Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nailed it!

I know, nudity is a really hard act to follow. How, you ask, am I supposed to top a chick with her goods out? I agree, I peaked too early. I might even say prematurely.. but I won't. Anyway, I considered just pulling out now and putting my blogging career to rest but with all 2 of my followers relying on me I have decided to persevere and play another round.

Yes that's a pun in the title you got it kids: Nails. My third post is about nails. Gay in the derogatory and literal sense you say? No, says I. And then yes. Because I am currently looking at my frieken pimped out nails where there is a glitter party happening and like, 10 layers of polish have been invited. You know those chicas who walk around with their intense acrylics on and it literally looks like they've got 3 lots of finger nails on each finger and they probably need mini finger cranes to move their hands? Yeah. My nails right now. Cept mine are all real, esay. Minus the nail polish.. that's not me. That's nail polish.

Point of all that crap was I'm really pumped on nails at the mo' and I'm going to illustrate why It's not just my codeine delirium that's making me think like this THE REST OF THE WORLD (no, not just Japan, cmonnnnn) is on board with me. I would go into details about designers, faashion bullshit and more plays on the word 'nail' but as my only readership is going to be fags and their hags anyway I'm going to give you what you want: Lady Gaga.

Get nailed. 

Tavi is getting involved. Everyone loves jail bait style prodigies. Not sarcasm, she's fabulous. 

Parkmoonchoo Fall 2011 show
These are my own pimpizzlin' (real word) nails

I get bored reading about what other bloggers think about beauty products- I can't see the effects your fucking toner is having on your ginormous pores so don't tell me about it. The nail polish I'm using at the moment are in the above photo. Some of it is designer, some of it is some crap I picked up in a 10 for 10 dollar bin and they smell like turps. Live it and love it. 


Photo credit Refinery 29, Fashionologie.comThe Style Rookie, Lucy Le Masurier

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