Saturday, 10 March 2012

You be my king, I'll be your McQueen

I've had mixed responses to Sarah Burton's taking over at Alexander McQueen. My best friend, who adored him (pretty sure tears were shed when he died. I've only ever cried about one celebrity and that was when Millsy got booted off Australian Idol and yes I believe this was totally justified crying), doesn't seem to be making the transition into a new head designer too well. It's kind of like having your parents re-marry and having to share your things with a new step sibling. Actually, it's nothing like that at all. But you get my drift (you really don't). Personally, I think Burton is doing a brilliant job. There was never going to be another McQueen. He created clothing that would sway the beliefs of anyone who took the 'fashion is not art' stance. His clothing was conceptual. For me, it was emotional reading about his vision (sorry for the wank talk). So no, no one was ever going to be the new Alexander McQueen. Those jeweled, hoofed shoes would never, ever be filled.

But if someone had to, I think Sarah Burton was the woman to try. And try she has. Try she continues to do. Try she succeeds (doesn't make sense as a sentence you say? Get off my blog is my rebuttal). And I also think it was fantastic that McQueen is having his name honoured by a woman. She brings to the house a feminine quality that although not completely foreign to the father, is lighter- but still with the same depth and dignity that McQueen had, just perhaps not as dark and foreboding as his designs were. She still carries the essence, the atmospheric quality of Alexander McQueen clothing, but with a touch of her own. I love it.

Fall 2012 RTW
Just watch how how the fabrics move. Who thinks up this shit? To be in her brain for just like, a minute. I bet she's inspired even when she's buying toilet paper. Bitch. 

The women walking down the runway in this collection looked like amazing human/exotic bird/flower cross breeds created in a UFO laboratory by highly intelligent and beautiful aliens who thought we were too ugly to continue living the way we were. I'm thinking like something out of the 5th Element. Not something out of Star Wars. The furs and the fabrics and the concealed faces through visors resembling a sort of really unhelpful space helmut used purely for aesthetic purposes and not for generating oxygen or space gas or whatever these ali-babes breath. 

Only at Alexander McQueen could trumpeted duster hands be made into a thing of beauty. I mean, if you cast your minds back to the attempts made by a certain Italian designer (Frankie Morello) and the orange atrocities swinging off his girls arms you get where I'm coming from with the ugly cleaning facilities attached to the forearm reference. Not attractive. Unless you're this girl. Then you've gone beyond sex into a whole new realm of  desire. Where did my train of thought go...

In theory this outfit would never, ever, EVER be deemed sexy. In a McQueen reality, in other words not a reality you or I will ever be a part of, a pink and red ill-fitted, awkwardly mid-calf-lengthed, off the shoulder flower arrangement dress with Elmo's family bringing up the rear would always be 100% ugly. Not at McQueen. Burton has made something I want to be wearing when I get accepted into heaven. A promiscuous, homosexually accepting heaven. A heaven that doesn't exist. 

These dresses (couture dudes.. not by any means ready to wear that shit) actually make the women look like flowers. And I have absolutely no idea what they're made out of. What the frick. Being told I was a muse to someone who created something like that would be both the best and worst compliment in the world. On the one had I've inspired something completely otherworldly and organically unnatural and on the other It's more or less saying that, in essence, I resemble a genetically modified sea anemone. Still, I'd take it. 



  1. I love this post!! I think it was an error for anyone to expect Sarah Burton's work to be identical to McQueen's, and I'm glad it isn't. This is a new phase to McQueen. I like.

    Drea xo

  2. I was thinking sea anemone the whole time I was staring at the bottom image. Which was like 47 seconds minimum. McQueen is definitely just the ultimate, in-an-ideal-world, craycraybeautiful lustwear.