Tuesday, 21 January 2014

It's a tweed-ranglin' hoedown

The reason I started this blog in the first place was to have an honest opinion on the fashion world. One that was unbiased and uncomplicated by advertisers and celebrity. That and I was probably on my rags and this was an outlet for my rage that would allow me to stave off the usual monthly cycle of 3 days spent shouting/sobbing/shouting into an open fridge (but I mean really, no chocolate? None? That's bullshit, that's what that is). But mostly the former. (I forgot what the former was, I'm still angry at my fridge). Second reason I started this blog was to speak openly and without inhibition on how much Karl Lagerfeld sucks. You might think 'sucks' is too weak a word for such a man, but according to 6 year olds today the 'su' word is a profanity up there with the likes of 'F', 'C' and 'Sh'. So, with all my hormonally charged anger I give you:

Largs: a Pre-Fall '14 Sucky installment:

Cow boy boots. As stockings. Yeah, that's practical. As is cream on a Texan Ranch. 

When it comes to politically correct designing it's Cowboy OR Indian, Karl. Not both. 

In the wise words of Karen Walker (fag hag not designer): "That blouse hurts like a hangover." So does your blazer, skirt, bag and boots. 

Tampon chic. 

What reptile died to make this? 

This collection was 95 looks long. Ninety. Five. Long. 
Karl, I want the past 15 minutes of my life back. 


Credits: Style.com

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